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Daily Thoughts on Skincare

Having great skin at all times takes a lot of daily maintenance and is an ongoing process. There is not some magic formula that can help us once and for all. Our daily skin care routines and the steps we take to have healthy skin can directly affect how we look and feel. No matter what our activities are throughout the day and no matter where our environment is, our daily skin care routine should follow. Using different types of soaps for different occasions can help us get to a level where everyone around us will be amazed with how our skin looks. Another advantage of using soaps that have different smells and fragrances (aside from skin care) is it’s ability to improve our mood and energy. Make the right choice for you, and your skin will be thankful. Stay moisturized, energized, and ready to start or end each day!

Our Commitment to Philanthropy

Here at The Sunshine Soap Company, we are committed to giving back to the community that has supported us. Our focus is to donate one bar of soap for every ten sold to a local South Florida Homeless shelter. This has been a cause we have supported since our inception and we hope to continue this into the future. Cleanliness is a necessity for all people, and many times people who are homeless lack access to personal hygiene products and care. This is important because it can help stop the spread of disease from person to person, and overall can be essential to survival. For many, a shower can be a dignifying and a refreshing experience, and this is something that more people should be donating to.    When considering donating to a homeless shelter in the future, think about what you need on a daily basis. Some items to consider in these donations include:  Toiletries (Shampoo & Conditioner, Toothpaste, Soap, Lotions) Feminine Hygiene Products Underwear and Socks  Cold Weather Clothing Baby Supplies  Containers We at The Sunshine Soap Company are making one small step to help someone in need, and you should take the time to research and educate on how you can help too! 

Mini Spa Day

One of the best ways to unwind at the end of the week is to create your own personal oasis with the Sunshine Soap Company Mini Spa kit. With so many goodies inside, it's a great way to heal your mind and body through soaps and candles. These kits offer a full relaxing experience and are themed for some holidays and moods. One of my favorite parts is that the kit comes with a loofah and exfoliating glove, which is helpful in getting the max benefits from each ingredient.    With creative themes like Cottage Core, Feminine, and Masculine, each comes with everything you need to turn your bathroom into a spa. The one I used this week was the Holiday Spa Kit, which has every soap from the holiday collection. Not only do they smell great but each kit is paired with a lotion which is a helpful way to recover my skin's moisture after a light exfoliation. This process tied with a warm candle is a great way to unwind from the week! 

More Than a “Nice Smell”

Growing up, having a mother who loved the holistic approach to just about anything and everything, aromatherapy played a heavy part in my day to day life. Whether it was the lotions put on my body or what we used in the shower, everything seemed to play a big role in relaxing and aiding my body. Once a day, a little eucalyptus under my nose to help breathing, a dash of peppermint behind my ears to recharge, and a few sprinkles of lavender on my pillow before I fell asleep, turned into a ritualistic experience for my sister and I. The house always smells earthy and warm, and it allows me to focus on myself and how my body is feeling.    The art of aromatherapy was unfortunately not something my mom discovered, but something that has been practiced for millions of years. Typically, these oils are put into our life in the most convenient ways through candles, lotions, soaps, and they can also be used directly on the skin or through diffusers. I love utilizing skin products like soaps and lotions that have lavender, as the effects are almost immediate and guests love the smell too. Through this and diffusers, it turns my house into a home and a place for myself, family and friends to actually relax and tune into their inner self. 

Sunshine Self-Care Sunday

Every single week I look forward to my perfect Sunday mornings. Sundays to many are the start of the new week, but I always classify it as ‘me day’. Whether it is cleaning my home or doing an extra step in my routine, I make sure the day is fully devoted to self improvement. One of my favorite things to focus on is resetting my mind and body through my skincare routine. The first thing I do every morning is wash my face with fragrance and dye free soap. One of my ‘go-tos’ at the moment is Clean Cotton by The Sunshine Soap Company, because I know it is safe for my skin. Taking care of my face with high quality products is one of the best ways I can focus on restoring and relaxing my body after a long week.    One of my favorite things about Clean Cotton is that it is extremely moisturizing for my dry skin. It makes me value the ingredients even more when my skin is happy with me, and never turns out red or flaky. A clean face is always followed by the soaps matching lotion with the same unscented formula. This combination makes me feel recharged and refreshed every Sunday, and is followed by a great face mask and gua sha session. A close second favorite is Strong Coffee soap by The Sunshine Soap Company, because it gives me that recharge I need every morning. I typically use this on my body as it provides a fabulous smell that stays on my skin for hours, and it lightly exfoliates from the real coffee grounds in each bar! Exfoliation is an extremely important step in weekly skincare routines as it helps remove dead skin to improve my skin’s look and feel. This ritual for me is one of the best ways to recharge and take on the day! 

Our Ingredients Explained

Palm oil is all around us. Whenever we enter a store the shelves include products like ice cream, soaps, and beauty products using palm oil. Fun fact: palm oil is even used in fuel for cars. RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in soaps is used to create a hard bar that is more likely to last longer and to be resistant from melting so easily. Using soaps rich with palm oil will give you better looking and feeling skin that is stacked with moisture (as opposed to average soap that has gained questionable ingredients that are used in the process of making the soap itself). Our products are created by strictly following the RSPO criteria. On the other hand, an important step that can not be missed in the process of having great skin health is using almond and coconut oil bases. Looking through history coconut oil has been used in food and personal care applications. Some of the most satisfying benefits of using coconut oil is moisturising. Rich with vitamin E, this oil moisturizes the skin when applied directly. Case studies show that coconut oil can reduce hair damage caused by dryness. Studies show that coconut oil can help in treating different cases of dermatitis and can help heal damaged skin.    If you have sensitive skin - almond oil will have your back. Anti-aging properties and vitamins A and E protect your skin from sun damage, which are both found in almond oil. Recently, almond oil is now found in majority face and body washes. 

Better Skin, Better You

A year ago, my typical one or two blemishes turned into a serious rash and I couldn’t figure out why. Whether it was stress, lack of sleep, or something I ate, every little change in the slightest would affect my skin. That was until after dieting, exercising, and all around making changes to my lifestyle. Unfortunately, my acne would not let up, so I sought professional advice!   After just a few minutes I discovered that what I used to wash away the day was actually the root of my problems, additionally learning I had sensitive skin. Fragrance, harsh ingredients, chemicals, and dyes aggravated my skin, and turned it into the perfect place for these red, patchy outbursts on my face. At that moment I felt like I was the needle in the haystack, until she told me it was one of the most common skin conditions! Some of the most common challenges people face are:   Eczema: a group of conditions that cause the skin to break out and become itchy in dry rough patches. It is extremely common in the United States, and typically develops at young ages. Typically it is caused by environmental factors or genetics, and it is not contagious. Rosacea: a common skin condition that causes the blushing of skin by expanding blood vessels. It is easily seen in the face as it can also come with pus-filled bumps, but it typically comes and goes. Dermatitis: also known as just common skin irritation, it typically entails dry skin, a rash, and sometimes can cause swelling as well.    Walking out of this appointment, I learned to stay far, far away from my big ‘no no’s’ as my dermatologist put it, which are fragrance and dyes. This was very hard for me at first, because supporting small business skin products has always been a passion of mine. That was until I realized the base in my products was soothing enough, and had top of the line ingredients to forget dyes and fragrances. That was when my idea for clean cotton soaps and lotions came to be. My goal is to help people like myself who want to love and appreciate their skin again.

Winter Hydration

The winter months are here and it's important to keep your skin hydrated as the temperature drops. But how can you do that when there is ice on every window, door knob in sight? Let us help! Our team of experts has created some foolproof tips for fighting off dryness with these 6 easy steps:   Always moisturize after washing. It’s extremely important to moisturize your hands, body, and face after showering and especially after washing your hands. Apply sunscreen daily. Although you may feel like you are already “over moisturizing” it's very important to continue using an SPF. Bonus points if you find a moisturizer with SPF included in the formula.  Moisturize overnight. Yup, more moisturizing, you heard that right. Applying a soothing hand cream before bed is the most effective way to retain moisture, due to the fact it has the most time to absorb into your skin without disruption. Check out our selection of lotions available, including our fan favorite “Bay Rum Lotion”.  Adjust your skincare routine seasonally.  Add a humidifier to your bedroom. This will add moisture to the air while you are sleeping to help combat dryness. Go easy on exfoliants and scrubs. Although you may feel that you need to “scratch off” the dry skin from irritation, moisturizing the affected areas will heal the irritated areas much faster.   The moral of the story - Stay Moisturized. Your skin will thank you!