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Better Skin, Better You

A year ago, my typical one or two blemishes turned into a serious rash and I couldn’t figure out why. Whether it was stress, lack of sleep, or something I ate, every little change in the slightest would affect my skin. That was until after dieting, exercising, and all around making changes to my lifestyle. Unfortunately, my acne would not let up, so I sought professional advice!


After just a few minutes I discovered that what I used to wash away the day was actually the root of my problems, additionally learning I had sensitive skin. Fragrance, harsh ingredients, chemicals, and dyes aggravated my skin, and turned it into the perfect place for these red, patchy outbursts on my face. At that moment I felt like I was the needle in the haystack, until she told me it was one of the most common skin conditions! Some of the most common challenges people face are:


  • Eczema: a group of conditions that cause the skin to break out and become itchy in dry rough patches. It is extremely common in the United States, and typically develops at young ages. Typically it is caused by environmental factors or genetics, and it is not contagious.
  • Rosacea: a common skin condition that causes the blushing of skin by expanding blood vessels. It is easily seen in the face as it can also come with pus-filled bumps, but it typically comes and goes.
  • Dermatitis: also known as just common skin irritation, it typically entails dry skin, a rash, and sometimes can cause swelling as well. 


Walking out of this appointment, I learned to stay far, far away from my big ‘no no’s’ as my dermatologist put it, which are fragrance and dyes. This was very hard for me at first, because supporting small business skin products has always been a passion of mine. That was until I realized the base in my products was soothing enough, and had top of the line ingredients to forget dyes and fragrances. That was when my idea for clean cotton soaps and lotions came to be. My goal is to help people like myself who want to love and appreciate their skin again.

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