about us

Sunshine Soap Company

We are a family-owned business, I make the soap, my husband helps with shipping, my daughter helps with IT work and my 17-year-old son takes all the pictures.

I have been making soap for several years now. I started by making soap for my niece’s baby shower and fell in love with the craft. After getting a lot of requests for more soap… I decided to start a business. We are based in South Florida and are an environmentally conscience company.

Five years ago, I had a Brain Aneurysm, It was a miracle that I lived and was without major disabilities. Many are not so lucky. I went back to work two months later. I am so grateful to be alive. Coincidentally, on the same day (five years later) I launched this company. I still work full time, as do my children and husband.

about us

our process

We begin with an idea and create a drawing, selecting the scents and colors. We go on to decide if we will be creating a frosted soap or not. Once complete we create the first batch, allow it to cure and then we test it. We decide if we only like it, or simply love it. If we love it… we make more.