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Our Ingredients Explained

Palm oil is all around us. Whenever we enter a store the shelves include products like ice cream, soaps, and beauty products using palm oil. Fun fact: palm oil is even used in fuel for cars. RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in soaps is used to create a hard bar that is more likely to last longer and to be resistant from melting so easily. Using soaps rich with palm oil will give you better looking and feeling skin that is stacked with moisture (as opposed to average soap that has gained questionable ingredients that are used in the process of making the soap itself). Our products are created by strictly following the RSPO criteria.

On the other hand, an important step that can not be missed in the process of having great skin health is using almond and coconut oil bases. Looking through history coconut oil has been used in food and personal care applications. Some of the most satisfying benefits of using coconut oil is moisturising. Rich with vitamin E, this oil moisturizes the skin when applied directly. Case studies show that coconut oil can reduce hair damage caused by dryness.
Studies show that coconut oil can help in treating different cases of dermatitis and can help heal damaged skin. 


If you have sensitive skin - almond oil will have your back. Anti-aging properties and vitamins A and E protect your skin from sun damage, which are both found in almond oil. Recently, almond oil is now found in majority face and body washes. 

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