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Sunshine Self-Care Sunday

Sunshine Self-Care Sunday

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Every single week I look forward to my perfect Sunday mornings. Sundays to many are the start of the new week, but I always classify it as ‘me day’. Whether it is cleaning my home or doing an extra step in my routine, I make sure the day is fully devoted to self improvement. One of my favorite things to focus on is resetting my mind and body through my skincare routine. The first thing I do every morning is wash my face with fragrance and dye free soap. One of my ‘go-tos’ at the moment is Clean Cotton by The Sunshine Soap Company, because I know it is safe for my skin. Taking care of my face with high quality products is one of the best ways I can focus on restoring and relaxing my body after a long week. 


One of my favorite things about Clean Cotton is that it is extremely moisturizing for my dry skin. It makes me value the ingredients even more when my skin is happy with me, and never turns out red or flaky. A clean face is always followed by the soaps matching lotion with the same unscented formula. This combination makes me feel recharged and refreshed every Sunday, and is followed by a great face mask and gua sha session. A close second favorite is Strong Coffee soap by The Sunshine Soap Company, because it gives me that recharge I need every morning. I typically use this on my body as it provides a fabulous smell that stays on my skin for hours, and it lightly exfoliates from the real coffee grounds in each bar! Exfoliation is an extremely important step in weekly skincare routines as it helps remove dead skin to improve my skin’s look and feel. This ritual for me is one of the best ways to recharge and take on the day!