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Winter Hydration

The winter months are here and it's important to keep your skin hydrated as the temperature drops. But how can you do that when there is ice on every window, door knob in sight? Let us help! Our team of experts has created some foolproof tips for fighting off dryness with these 6 easy steps:


  1. Always moisturize after washing. It’s extremely important to moisturize your hands, body, and face after showering and especially after washing your hands.
  2. Apply sunscreen daily. Although you may feel like you are already “over moisturizing” it's very important to continue using an SPF. Bonus points if you find a moisturizer with SPF included in the formula. 
  3. Moisturize overnight. Yup, more moisturizing, you heard that right. Applying a soothing hand cream before bed is the most effective way to retain moisture, due to the fact it has the most time to absorb into your skin without disruption. Check out our selection of lotions available, including our fan favorite “Bay Rum Lotion”. 
  4. Adjust your skincare routine seasonally. 
  5. Add a humidifier to your bedroom. This will add moisture to the air while you are sleeping to help combat dryness.
  6. Go easy on exfoliants and scrubs. Although you may feel that you need to “scratch off” the dry skin from irritation, moisturizing the affected areas will heal the irritated areas much faster.


The moral of the story - Stay Moisturized. Your skin will thank you!

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