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Sunshine Soap Company

Sunshine Soap Company



More Than a “Nice Smell”

Growing up, having a mother who loved the holistic approach to just about anything and everything, aromatherapy played a heavy part in my day to day life. Whether it was the lotions put on my body or what we used in the shower, everything seemed to play a big role in relaxing and aiding my body. Once a day, a little eucalyptus under my nose to help breathing, a dash of peppermint behind my ears to recharge, and a few sprinkles of lavender on my pillow before I fell asleep, turned into a ritualistic experience for my sister and I. The house always smells earthy and warm, and it allows me to focus on myself and how my body is feeling. 


The art of aromatherapy was unfortunately not something my mom discovered, but something that has been practiced for millions of years. Typically, these oils are put into our life in the most convenient ways through candles, lotions, soaps, and they can also be used directly on the skin or through diffusers. I love utilizing skin products like soaps and lotions that have lavender, as the effects are almost immediate and guests love the smell too. Through this and diffusers, it turns my house into a home and a place for myself, family and friends to actually relax and tune into their inner self. 

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