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Jumping Juniper

Jumping Juniper

Product Description

Helps: Healing 

Smells like: Juniper

Scent Profile: Earthy & Fresh 

Contains: Organic Sunflower, Coconut, Palm, and Safflower Oils, Water, Organic cocoa and shea butter, fir needle, pine, juniper berry, and spruce essential oils ; ground juniper berries; Sodium Hydroxide and love

4+ oz.

Proudly Handcrafted in Sunny South Florida  

The elusive and slightly sweet scent of juniper berries enhances this woodsy bar, fresh as the outdoors. Ground juniper berries provide exfoliants. Classic is a full size whole bar and sliced allows you to take a single piece into the shower, keeping the rest dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Brittany W
I love this soap!

Smells like a forest of juniper trees. That evergreen/pine scent, woodsy and natural. I would consider this a unisex scent that both me and my boyfriend can use. It gave my skin that squeaky clean feeling when I rinsed it off, so I thought my skin was going to feel dry afterwards. However, my skin feels really smooth and soft. It left a very subtle scent on my skin, not perfumey. It’s been 2 hours since showering and my skin still smells nice and fresh. The juniper berries in the bar also provide a light exfoliation.

I got the bar ‘sliced’ instead of ‘classic’, which I love because the slices fit into my hand easier than a whole bar. It will also help the soap last longer, because the unused slices stay dry until I use them.