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Shipping and Related Charges

We're so glad you found us!! We ship "worldwide" so if USPS ships to you, then we do too! Many international customers may need to pay extra fees before they can receive their parcels. Be aware so that you are not caught off-guard by extra charges, or end up having your parcel returned to us because it sat too long "unclaimed" at your local postal service office.

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USPS Priority Mail offers "1-3 day shipping". How many days a package will actually take to get to you depends on where you live in relation to us. Sometimes there are issues with weather that delay USPS along certain routes. Also, be advised that we require 1-4 business days for processing,( 5-7 days for high volume seasons like Christmas), so after your package is picked up from our location, it should arrive in another 1-3 business days. For more information, go to the USPS Priority Mail page Here. If there is another reason for the delay, or if USPS has "lost" your package, you will need to contact them. As you know, once a package leaves our care, we transfer responsibility to them, and will only have access to the same tracking information you have been sent but please contact us so we can help.

Maybe!! Quick - send us an email through our "Contact Page" and we'll correct the mistake if your order has not been processed. If it has, we're sorry for your loss, and you will have to reorder. To avoid this error, we encourage you to create an account on our website, even if you aren't going to purchase at this release. It is free to do so, and will save you time in the future when you do order.

Sorry about this issue! The problem you are experiencing with additional shipping charges is a UK Royal Post issue. They add on extra charges once the package is in your country. Our postal service will return packages to our address if the US based charges for shipping are insufficient. Most Countries have an import charge. We will do everything in our power to notify you first to advise you as to your Country of origin’s policies. You can search the page where shipping and import information is found – Click Here.

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